On second thought, go ahead … BE A DOUCHEBAG!

Douche bag. D-Bag. Doucher. Douchey. I admit it, for some reason, that word is fun to say. And it has, without a doubt, become the ultimate insult de jour.  However, after a bit of an a-ha moment on a run the other day, my question for you is … why?

Why did being a douche bag ever become a bad thing?

When you think about it, what that particular little gadget has the ability to do is flush out the old gunk that doesn’t belong inside you and could possibly make you sick.

And don’t we all – people and brands alike – carry within us, in the dark and hard to reach places, unhealthy ideas, thoughts, beliefs and patterns that don’t truly belong to us? Things we’ve picked up from people and experiences along the way that do nothing but create unhealthy outcomes in our lives?

In case you are wondering, that was a trick question. Because there is only one answer. And it is yes.

The simple truth of the matter is, every person, business and relationship on this planet could probably use a good mental, emotional and energetic douching.

Flooding all the long held beliefs inside you with the light of awareness is such a great way of doing that. Sending a stream of energy into a dark, possibly contaminated place and flushing it out is the quickest way to amp up the positive energy that fuels you from within.

Isn’t that what meditation, energy work and applied awareness do? And hasn’t science and spirituality alike proven that those things are extremely good for us?

Admittedly, it’s not a pleasant process to snake your way into the deeply personal spaces within where your greatest fears and insecurities are lodged. But whether you are striving to make a success of your business or of the business of living, it is trip of Massengillic proportions that is worth making.

Life loves the lighthearted. And it responds to the clear intention. Knowing that, why wouldn’t we want to flush away the unwanted past that has been clinging to your insides for far too long?  Come on – I double douche dare you!

                  ©2012 The Book Of Duh, Merry Carole Powers and Sarah Feit Cornett


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