Happy Memorial Day!

For the most part, when the vast many of us think about this day, the things that readily come to mind are barbeques, getting together with friends and family, the onset of summer and, of course, a blessed, always welcome, day off work!

All good stuff, admittedly.

And while we all know, in the back of our heads, that the holiday is really about those who have fought and died for us, truth be told, that notion usually isn’t what’s at the forefront of our holiday festivities. Yes, we are grateful. Yes, we may take a moment to remember, perhaps even visit a gravesite. But is that really all those people deserve?

To truly honor the people who died for us, perhaps we ought to learn to Truly Live.

It seems to me, truly living is becoming a lost art in these times. When I look around me, I don’t see a world of people who look or seem to feel truly alive. I see people exhausted. Bleary eyed and uninspired. Standing on train platforms in a trance. Sitting at tables together with people they love but engaging in their phones rather than their company.

I see lots of people who are undead. But, who, at the same time, aren’t quite alive. And that, my friends, is the definition of a zombie.

Yep, I’m saying it, somewhere along the line, the brutal realities of life as we have created it has turned the human race into a bunch of zombies.

Does that sound harsh? I don’t mean it like that at all. It’s just that, everywhere I look (in the mirror included), I see humans walking around unaware and half dead.

I can’t help but wonder what those brave peeps who died for us would say if they saw us walking through life in our zombiefied state, hearts beating but not pumping us full of inspiration and love.  Letting our jobs, our illnesses and our self imposed limitations suck the life out of us. Letting our doctors, our bosses, our debt and our doubt tell us how to live. All these things equate to dying a little bit inside ourselves.

And I, for one, think we can do better.

Those brave people who died so we could live deserve to see us alive with happiness at the privilege and honor of being here at this party called Life. So perhaps its time we start tapping into the things that make us feel alive.

And for my money, those things are four fold. Passion. Joy. Presence. Love

These are the four horsemen of the anti-apocalypse. And together they make for most pleasant wake up call on the planet.

The only alarm bells they set off are the ones we want to hear. Long to hear, actually.

Passion, Joy, Presence and Love are a powerful elixir. They have the undeniable power to pull us out of our trance like state and make us pulse with aliveness. When you think about it, some combination of these four guide and govern the all of our lives – from the people in our hearts to the books on our shelves. They even have the power to stop or speed up time. With them, time flies. Without them, it drags.

And the beauty of each of these is that they are readily available to each and every one of us. They exist and are accessible inside us as long as we live. Which, thanks to the brave soldiers of wars past, is something we are all currently doing.

So today, to honor those who have died, I, for one, am pledging from here on out wake up, rub the zombie out of my eyes and really, really, reeeeallllly be alive. Join me?

©2012 The Book Of Duh, Merry Carole Powers and Sarah Feit Cornett


On second thought, go ahead … BE A DOUCHEBAG!

Douche bag. D-Bag. Doucher. Douchey. I admit it, for some reason, that word is fun to say. And it has, without a doubt, become the ultimate insult de jour.  However, after a bit of an a-ha moment on a run the other day, my question for you is … why?

Why did being a douche bag ever become a bad thing?

When you think about it, what that particular little gadget has the ability to do is flush out the old gunk that doesn’t belong inside you and could possibly make you sick.

And don’t we all – people and brands alike – carry within us, in the dark and hard to reach places, unhealthy ideas, thoughts, beliefs and patterns that don’t truly belong to us? Things we’ve picked up from people and experiences along the way that do nothing but create unhealthy outcomes in our lives?

In case you are wondering, that was a trick question. Because there is only one answer. And it is yes.

The simple truth of the matter is, every person, business and relationship on this planet could probably use a good mental, emotional and energetic douching.

Flooding all the long held beliefs inside you with the light of awareness is such a great way of doing that. Sending a stream of energy into a dark, possibly contaminated place and flushing it out is the quickest way to amp up the positive energy that fuels you from within.

Isn’t that what meditation, energy work and applied awareness do? And hasn’t science and spirituality alike proven that those things are extremely good for us?

Admittedly, it’s not a pleasant process to snake your way into the deeply personal spaces within where your greatest fears and insecurities are lodged. But whether you are striving to make a success of your business or of the business of living, it is trip of Massengillic proportions that is worth making.

Life loves the lighthearted. And it responds to the clear intention. Knowing that, why wouldn’t we want to flush away the unwanted past that has been clinging to your insides for far too long?  Come on – I double douche dare you!

                  ©2012 The Book Of Duh, Merry Carole Powers and Sarah Feit Cornett