Sneaky ol’ Sunshine.

It was a day like any other day. Or so the sun thought.

For many moons, the sun had watched over the Planet Earth. And on this particular day, as he cut his way across the dawn, the faithful sun saw that, although animals still stretched, children still snuggled, and the smell of freshly brewed coffee, as always, still wafted skyward, things were no longer quite the same.

A cloud, it seemed, had settled over the Earth, and the world was looking a bit dim. More land was filled than fertile. More people were lonely than loved. And more nations were fighting than friendly. And worst of all, many people were actually starting to believe that this was a permanent condition. It was this last notion that truly baffled the sun. Preposterous, he thought! Had his unfailing presence taught the people nothing? How could they look at him day after day and not know that darkness is always, always, followed by light?

And, so, rising (as suns do) to the occasion, the clever sun hatched a dazzling plan. He reached down and kissed the heart of humanity, leaving behind a single freckle upon every spirit. This freckle was to be a symbol of the sun’s love and, more importantly, a reminder that hidden in even the tiniest imperfection there lies an invitation to shine. Imperfection, after all, is nothing more than just another way of saying “I’m Perfection.” And once people embrace that, thought the sun, all discouragement will surely melt away.

Oh, the joy it brought him to think how much brighter the planet would shine if only each adorable soul who walked upon it could embrace the simple truth of their perfection. Just imagine, mused the sun, if they stopped allowing a little flab to make them feel drab. Or if seeing a buttocks sagging could set their tails wagging. How happy life could be, thought the sun, if something as harmless as a wrinkle could make them laugh til they tinkle!

The thought of it made the sun so happy, that having humanity illuminating the beauty in life’s freckles instantly became his heart’s desire.

So remember, adorable people of the planet Earth: We, each one of us, have been hand picked by the Sun – personally appointed Ambassadors of Shine – to embrace I’m Perfection with a smile.  And in doing so, join forces with the sun, making the world as bright as it can possibly be.

©2012 The Book of Duh, Merry Carole Powers and Sarah Feit Cornett


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