Achoo. Sniff. Hack, Hack …

This week I have fallen victim to the common cold.

Here is how it went down, and I’m guessing this is kind of common (no pun intended). First, I felt unusually tired. Which, with the exception of dosing myself with some extra Vitamin C, I pretty much ignored, because hey, I’ve got things to do!

Then tired upped the ante: It tossed sneezy and achy into the lineup. In response, I upped my denial game: I went to Walgreens and got myself some stuff to mask the symptoms so I could trick myself into believing I was just fine.

Viola! The symptoms ceased. I zipped all around town – visited the car dealership, picked up the dry cleaning, walked the dog, met with a client, went to a party, had a blast.

Then the meds wore off. And the bone crushing exhaustion, sniffling, sneezing, aching, scratchy throat feeling returned with a vengence. At this point, I have no choice other than to cry Uncle and lay on the couch and rest.

Sound familiar? Have you ever ignored all the signals your body was sending only to end up feeling worse than you would have if you had just allowed for a little rest in the first place?

Why in the world do we do this? Our bodies are brilliant. They know exactly what we need, and they are always more than willing to share that information with us.

Starting last Wednesday, my body made it very clear: “I’m fighting a little bug here.  Pleeeaaassseeee slow down a bit so I can get on top of the imbalance that is happening. I know exactly what to do, I just need extra energy, which you can provide by resting.”

Was it so much to ask? Hardly.

Being tired is not a weakness. It’s a message from your body. A clear, concise signal from your brilliant, amazing, resilient, kick ass body. Today, I’m changing my game. Today I’m choosing to listen. I’m choosing to partner with my body — to work with it instead of against it.

Which is why this week’s blog will be short and sweet. Today, I will be chilling instead of writing.  Also, I might be spending a little time wondering why we humans must we make ourselves sick before we are willing to take a break. Rest is, after all, the balance that creates health. If all the ocean tide ever did was crash onto the shore – if the sea never drew back into itself, even it, with its vast and seemingly endless supply, would eventually get depleted.

So today, I wish you all health and the willingness to take the breaks you need to keep from getting depleted. And until next week, goodnight!

© 2002 The Book Of Duh, Merry Carole Powers, Sarah Lorraine Feit



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