A friend of mine had a baby this week: A little boy. He is perfect. Adorable. Irresistibly sniffable. (Seriously, what is it about the smell of newborn babies? Yummage.)

I was holding him at the hospital, watching, as he looked around his new world, totally wide-eyed. You could almost hear him thinking, “Where the hell have I landed?”

It made me laugh in the moment. It still makes me laugh now. Mostly because I can so, totally, completely relate. One minute his world was familiar, warm and cozy. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, things started getting a little tight and uncomfortable. Life gave him no choice but to move forward, so he pushed through. And boom: A new world was revealed.

I go through that all the time. And once I find myself on the other side of what had been my comfort zone and in a new place, either physically or emotionally, I’m usually looking around wide-eyed myself. Scratching my head and mumbling, “Huh?”

Once we’re born, we never stop giving birth. To new experiences, new phases, new relationships, new careers, new understandings, you name it. And it’s not a big stretch to see those newborn experiences pretty much always unfold just like our first birth …

First, we find ourselves comfortable in the familiar. Then, something creates discomfort. We’re forced to push through. And without fail, life as we know it somehow changes.

It’s the “pushing through” portion of the process that has me thinking this week. Because something pretty spectacular happens at that point. Action is taken.

The growth that comes in times of comfort and even discomfort happens on the inside. But birth requires action. That baby had to drop into position. Move through the body and push himself out into the world.

That, of course could have never happened without the internal growth period he needed to reach that point. But it was action that made the difference in the end. It was action that changed his world. Without it, he’d still be swimming around in his comfort zone wondering what might be possible.

And it dawns on me that this action side of things is what might be missing from most of the new age books lining our shelves these days. Maybe the real secret to success is getting our butts up off the meditation pillow and showing a little faith in all our positive intentions and affirmations by taking action on their behalf.

Don’t get me wrong. I love those books. I’ve practically read them all. And I’ll probably continue to read them until the day comes that I can’t read anymore. They are inspiring and offer a great deal of wisdom and guidance.

But if I’m being honest, for all of the reading I’ve done about how all I have to do is think it to make it so, little has actually changed in my life. At least not in the dramatic, lottery winning, life-changing ways I’d like.

And, after sitting with my new little newborn pal this week, I think I know why. The mental exercises, the emotional healings, the energetic clearings … they aren’t enough. They are an absolutely essential part of the inner process, but without outer action they aren’t going to do much. It’s like building a car but not actually turning the key to ignite the engine. Not really gonna get you anywhere.

The true language of the Universe seems to be action.

When I think good thoughts, the Universe gives me more good thoughts to think. And that leads to better moods, more positive feelings. All good stuff. But when I speak to the Universe through action, it responds with action. Things actually start happening.

Make a move. And the Universe responds in kind. Moving all kinds of people and opportunities into place so that, miracle of miracles, you can then make yet another move. And step by step (aka: action by action) a path is laid out. That’s God helping those who help themselves.

And, this is jut a guess, but if that beautiful newborn boy, who is still in touch with all of Life’s Universal wisdom could talk, I bet he’d tell me  it’s we call it The Law of AttrACTtion.

©2002 The Book Of Duh, Merry Carole Powers and Sarah Lorraine Feit


4 thoughts on “BIRTH. IT’S NOT JUST FOR KIDS!

  1. This is a great read and inspiring me to act. It’s so good to remember that the creative energy we used to be born is still in every cell of our bodies, every blink of our eyes and beat of our hearts. I love the Law of AttrACTion! Thanks for sharing this.

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