Just for kicks, I went on a raw diet this past week. It was a post-holiday cleanse, start the new year right kind of thing. Want to hear a few things I’ve discovered?

A raw diet is not as extreme at it sounds. It actually wasn’t hard at all.

Food is most beautiful in its untampered with form. Truly. Every meal was colorful and stunning.

The detox your body goes through when you feed it only pure, raw foods is fantastic. And by fantastic I mean it knocks you on your tuckus.

Brussel sprouts make great juice.  (Just wait, it’s about to get weirder…)

Nut cheese is actually delicious. (Told you.)

Too many beets will turn your pee purple for days. Notice I said plural.

Taking cooking out of the daily schedule unexpectedly left me with a lot more time on my hands.

I kinda think my pots and pans miss me.

Not one single, solitary food coma no matter how much I ate.

My jeans are looser.

My moods have left the swing set behind.

My focus is clearer. So is my skin.

Minus the purple pee, who wouldn’t want all that? The most fascinating part is that all of these benefits unfolded in a relatively short amount of time. Just one week. It confirms a sneaking suspicion I have had for some time now —  that food is powerful medicine. And as I am discovering, the closer food is to its original state, the more powerful it is.

That’s an interesting thought. Things being most powerful in their original state. I’ve been wondering over the past few days if maybe that doesn’t apply to Merry Carole Powers as well.

Could it be that I, too, am most powerful in my original state? The one I came into this world embodying. You should see pictures of me as a kid. I was a fireball and a half who didn’t have a care in the world. But somewhere a long the way, life turned up the fire and that little girl had to duck and roll so as not to get burned.

But she’s making a comeback. Merry Carole in the Raw is re-emerging.

It’s kind of a cool notion, right? That we, just like food, have a raw, pure, completely natural state in which all our molecules and properties are completely in tact. What exactly might that raw state be? Well, seems to make sense that, just as with food, follow the path right back to when we first sprouted. Or, as some people like to call it, birth.

We are, literally, born happy. Ready to love. Open to experience. And, for a relatively few awesome years, totally self confident. That is our all-natural state.

Think about it. As a small child, if you wanted something, say a cookie, (probably not raw), you just went for it. You didn’t wonder, “Do I deserve that cookie?” or “What will people think if I eat that cookie?” And, chances are, if you didn’t get that cookie, you let your feelings be known. Loud and clear.

We didn’t question ourselves or hold back in our raw, childhood state. If we were hungry, we ate. If we were frustrated, we cried. If we were happy, we laughed. Whatever it was, we let it out. Then let it go.

That is raw living. Simple Pure. Healthy.

So how do we get back there? Well, I’m no expert, but what if, for starters, we all stopped cooking up excused about why we aren’t good enough, pretty enough, rich enough, successful enough.

Perhaps its time we stop getting steamed. Avoid simmering in indecision. Take a break from stirring up ruckuses. Separate from people who enjoy brewing trouble. No more boiling anger. Half-baked ideas. Fried brain cells. Stewing over past mistakes.

If we all start feeding our brains and our hearts the raw, pure thoughts we were born with, who knows how mentally and emotionally healthy we might become.

That’s right, I’m saying it – nut cheese for the soul. Who’s with me?

©2002, Book of Duh. Merry Carole Powers and Sarah Lorraine Feit



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