Wow.  2012. The year we’ve all been waiting for. The end of the Mayan calendar. And the long prophesized end of life as we know it has arrived. And I’m happy to report that as far as I can see, the world is still standing.

So, it would appear the end of the Mayan calendar did not mean the end of the world. Not to play Monday morning quarterback, but despite all the predictions of gloom and doom and the movies that brought them to life, that’s what I’ve suspected for some time.

Maybe what the Mayans, in their great wisdom and foresight, were saying is that 2012 is the dawning of great new age for us. Not one not that marks the end of the world, but just the end of the world as we know it. Which, for my money, can only be a good thing.  Because the world as I’ve always known it isn’t really all peaches and cream. People hurt one another. Hate one another. Forget one another. Swindle one another. We as a human race have definitely not been on the top of our game.

But hey, if those days are fading into the past and the human spirit is ready to start expressing itself in happier, healthier, more team building kind of ways, then I say huzzah! Just think of the possibilities. Let’s say, just for fun, that life as we know it on Wall Street disappears. What that means is that greed would go away. Corruption would go away. Deception would go away. Stealing from, and lying to, those who have put their trust in advisors and investors would go away.

And if all that went away, then what might take its place? Possibly honesty. Openness. A system that operated with an understanding of what money really is. Which, if I may take a momentary diversion, is so much more than we give it credit for. Money is currency, right? And currency derives from current, which is, by definition, a flow or circuit.   Well, currents don’t just come into being by themselves. Generally, they occur because there is an energetic center releasing that currency and another energetic center pulling that current to it. Things that flow have a beginning and an end point.

Looking at money through that lens, it’s not hard to see who each of us might be in that dynamic. We are, all of us, always working, scheming, dreaming, hoping, praying to bring money to us. That pretty much defines our lives. So, if we are the energy centers pulling money to us, it kind of begs the question, where is that currency originating? What is the source we are pulling it from?

Surely it’s something other than banks and Wall Street. Money has been around longer than they have. It outdates ATM’s, mortgage equity, investment portfolios, paychecks and credit card advances. Which means that jobs, banks and economies are actually not the source of money.

Could that mean money comes from a greater place? A less man-made place, more infinite place? I am hedging my bets yes on this one. Because if there is a greater source from which prosperity and worth stem, one that is somewhere beyond the scope of the financial machines and institutions we’ve created, then my guess is the kind of energetic flow that fires it up is one of positive energy.

And if this new world 2012 is ushering in is one of more positivity, awareness, kindness and honesty, then that bodes very well for us. And maybe that’s what the Mayan’s saw: An end to us mistreating and mistrusting each other. An end to the greed, the scarcity, the fear and the disconnection from the richness that truly lives inside all of us. Maybe they saw the dawn of prosperity for all. Prosperity in every way — in our hearts, in our health, and here’s hoping, in our bank accounts as well. Money is an incredible resource that can allow each of us to live the life we came here to live.

And that is my wish for all of us in this new year.

May we all discover the gifts we came here to give and make the world and ourselves more prosperous by giving them. Something like that can only mean better days ahead. So welcome, 2012. And thank you for being the gateway from life as we have always known it to life as we choose it to be.

          ©Book of Duh, Merry Carole Powers, Sarah Lorraine Feit, 2002


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