Usually the best answers are the ones you conjur up for yourself.

So, in the spirit of that there factoid, I offer a riddle …

The Japanese call it Chi. The Chinese call it Qi. Religions call it God. Star Wars called it The Force. Businesses call it morale.Nutritionists measure it in calories. Minds exert it through thought. Hearts process it through emotion. Sports drinks bottle it. Emptiness is filled with it.Einstein equated it. Synapses fire it. Nervous systems run on it. Lightning strikes with it. Sounds travel on it. The sun radiates it. The moon reflects it. The tides roll with it. Stress zaps it. Joy multiplies it.It zips. It zings. It zooms. It stirs. It stunts. It strives. It hustles. It bustles. It balances. It skews. It rests. It moves. It heats. It cools. It hones. It heals. It animates. It emanates. It alleviates. It’s wasted. It’s stored. It’s converted. It’s kinetic. It’s static. It’s power. It’s force. It’s the good. It’s the bad. It is the symptom. It is the source. It’s the cause. It’s the cure. It is the core. It is the creative currency of life. What is energy?

And now, for the riddle: How do we harness it to create the life we want rather than simply muster through the one we have?



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