It’s here again – the most wonderful time of the year. And, for today’s purposes, by wonderful I mean overbooking, overeating, over serving, overspending and a general, all around overdoing.

Anyone else kinda over it?

Don’t get me wrong; this does not come from a festering sense of Meh Humbug. I absolutely love the holidays. Let the record state that any time of year defined by words like “cheer” and “spirit” and “glad tidings” and “jingle jingle” are a-okay in my book.

But if I’m being honest, I’m starting to wonder if perhaps the world is so starved for cheer, holiday or otherwise, that we aren’t gorging ourselves at the social butterfly buffet.

And, if so, could it be possible that, in trying so hard to cram all the happy we can handle into the holidays, we might actually end up depleting ourselves of one of the key ingredients to happiness: Which is the quiet and peaceful state of mind to actually let all that good stuff sink in.

Perhaps its time to stop trying to spread our holiday cheer a mile wide at the expense of only being able to take it an inch deep.

Having said that — In the spirit of jumping off the holiday hamster wheel and putting some mental and emotion chill in the air this season, I’d like to serve up a whole new idea of Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree. And I’d like to do it via a little something I wrote for a project I worked on a few years back. It’s called Rocking Chair:

Ever wonder why babies love rocking chairs? Is it the simple, gentle motion they find comforting? Or is it the fact that they can feel the rocking chair working it’s magic on you? Perhaps they sense that one of the world’s adults is, at long last, coming to a much-needed stand still. Because when you think about it, a hiatus from forward movement is exactly what a rocking chair is. In this life where everyone is striving to get ahead and get to the top, rocking chairs are about getting you nowhere at all. They are designed to keep you right here. Rocking back and forth…back and forth…back and forth…lulling you into the moment. Where you can enjoy a nice view. Catch up with a good friend. Recall a happy memory, or perhaps make a new one. It’s funny, when you think about it like that, the question isn’t why do babies love rocking chairs. The question is, why on Earth did the rest of us ever outgrow them?

Figgy pudding, anyone?


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